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First of all, Hi !

" The Outsider "

Why this title?

This is mainly the imperishable memory of the first short story of H. P. Lovecraftthat I happened to read, with a strong feeling of identification to the character, the very essence of which lies deep in me. Because it sums up alone this site's vocation: to present aliénation in its true sense: someone different, from outside.

 Site : What a bastard!

Yet an Nth site dedicated to the Master of Providence, you will say. Not so, but of inspiration only, or of expiration... everyone to his/her taste. This is also a way of personally exorcizing my fears, anguish, desires and fantasms.



In view of the difficulties that I met trying to make myself famous in my home land, Bretagne, I take the virtual way and will try to expose my drawings, at least part of them, via the Net. A kind of gallery, decorated with a few poems from H.P. L., Arthur Machen, Clark Asthon Smith. In this spirit, do not hesitate to send me poems from Arthur Machen or Clark Asthon Smith, too unknown in France, or even and especially your, why not? Always of fantastic inspiration.


It is too soon yet to tell, if there is any evolution, it will mean that my budget allowed me to maintain my " grant " on the Net.

Sincerely and special thanks to Albert Aribaud

André de Marigny

Welcome !

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